We want you to feel welcomed and included when you visit King’s Cross because the Good News of Jesus is for everyone! Information about our Sunday gatherings can be found below. Don’t want to walk into King’s Cross alone? Send us a message at and we will have someone meet you outside!

Service Time

Our weekly gathering is on Sunday at 10:45 am. Services usually last from 75 to 90 minutes. You can sample our teaching here.


King’s Cross Church meets at 3906 Hwy 98 W, Suite 26, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459. It is in the same strip as the post office, but is in the west building. See the map for directions.


3906 Hwy 98 W, Suite 26

King’s Cross Church meets at 3906 Hwy 98 W, Suite 26, Santa Rosa Beach.

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Parents have a great responsibility in leading and caring for their children. King’s Cross wants to empower parents to do this well. Kids are welcome in our worship gatherings, but we understand that some families would prefer to have younger children in childcare. Your kids will learn about Jesus in a fun and safe environment. Ask one of our volunteers about how and where to check your child in. If you have any questions about childcare, please send them to

How to Dress

Those who are part of God’s family are clothed in the righteousness of Christ. We are not made right before God based on the way we dress, but are loved and accepted by God on the basis of who He is and what Jesus has done.

Our church is made up of people with different styles and traditions. Some wear shorts, others wear suits. Most people are usually dressed in casual to business casual, but wear whatever you deem comfortable and appropriate. We won’t judge you based on your outfit!

What To Expect

We love God and want to express our love for Him in everything we do in our worship gatherings. Our gatherings (also called services) consist of singing, reading, praying, preaching, and responding. Sometimes we do these things all together (i.e. reading a prayer together) and sometimes one person does these things on our behalf. This is all part of what Christians for a long time have called “liturgy” (a fancy word for what we say and do in a worship gathering).  In everything, we want to honor God and encourage each other!

Music is a big deal; we get that. The aim with our music on Sunday mornings is to express, encourage, explain, and edify. We love singing songs together for God and each other. As one musician said about singing together, “When we gather ’round, all the notes of all the people make one sound.” So, what songs do we sing? Here is a playlist of some of the songs we have sung, songs we sing, and songs we will sing. This list is not exhaustive, but it should give you an idea of what we do.