When we are brought into the family of God, we are given new identities. These identities are based on who we are in Jesus Christ, according to the Gospel. These five identities help clarify who we are as a church. We are worshipers, community, servants, disciples, and missionaries.


I. Worshipers.

All of us are worshipers and will worship something. When we are far from God, we trade in our Creator for created things. These things we make with our hands or create in our mind. We expect these made items to serve and manage our kingdom. We are not made to bow down to created things but to bow down to the Creator of the universe. When we are redeemed in the Gospel, we are free to worship the God who made us and serve him. This is an awesome transition and joyous response to what God has done. We call you to this response in every day of your life and by extension to our weekly large gatherings.


II. Community.

When we are born again, we have a new identity with a new Father and a new family. When we are far from God, we live according to the world’s principles that destroy intimacy and community. Instead of harmony in the world, we have fighting and division. When we are redeemed in the Gospel, we are brought close to God and close to each other. The Gospel frees us from petty disputes, brings about true forgiveness with each other, and eliminates our need to set up our kingdom. We call you to this life by participating in Small Groups that take place each week around our large gatherings.


III. Servants.

The eternal Word of God became flesh to live and dwell among us who were far from God. Jesus came to us and served us by not only becoming one of us but by taking on our sinful wrath place. In doing so, He demonstrated a new Kingdom. This Kingdom would practice and demonstrate in small parts the gravity of what He has done in His cross and resurrection. When Jesus came to us, He came to serve us and now sends us out to serve others. We are free to serve and live out the implications of a new kingdom that is different than the world. We call you to participate in these activities by serving in our Connect ministry, and other opportunities.


IV. Disciples.

A disciple is a person who is called into a relationship with God and others. In these relationships, we are called to learn more about who God is and live out our lives according to what we have learned. Discipleship is sharing life that leads to transformation. This life transformation takes time and accountability. In the Gospel we are called from self-destruction and decay to life-construction and growth. This growth happens not as a sole individual but as a committed group under the authority of the local church and its leadership. We call you into this life by asking that you begin to develop relationships of accountability within your Small Groups.


V. Missionaries.

We are sent by our Trinitarian God because He is a God that sends. The Father sent us the Son to redeem us and sent us the Spirit to awaken our hearts. In His full rightful authority over the earth, Jesus sends us in the same attitude that the Father sent him. We are commissioned in love with a message of love to carry to the ends of the earth. We are commanded and promised that our labors will be blessed by God and God’s own presence will be with us in the work. We know that our mission will not fail because our God does not fail. We call you into a life that shows hospitality and cares for your neighbors. We call you to be intentional with strangers, friends, and family about the Gospel of Jesus.




  • Preaching
  • Prayer
  • Liturgy
  • Communion
  • Baptism
  • Spiritual Songs
  • Evangelism
  • King’s Cross Kids


  • In Homes
  • Relationships
  • Sermon Discussion
  • Neighborhood Hospitality
  • Meals/Fellowship
  • Accountability
  • Life Maps/Storytelling
  • Evangelism


  • Connect Ministry
  • Kids’ Ministry
  • Building Cleaning
  • Deacons
  • Other Ministry Teams


  • Festivals
  • Community Engagement
  • Membership Classes
  • Ministry Training
  • Member Meetings